The U.N.S.A. needs you!

    d3ath 1o

    The U.N.S.A. needs you!

    Post  d3ath 1o on Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:03 pm

    Hello S.G.A

    In the past I've discussed ally possibilities between our alliances.
    And now, unfortunetly, I must ask for more help.
    The I.S.A.F. is at the brink of war with us.
    I do not know why, I don't know whos idea it was, I don't even know how they know about us.
    But I've recieved several messages from members through out my alliance claiming I.S.A.F. spy activity and threat messages.
    I do not wish that you put yourself at risk for us, but I do ask that you would back us up in case of war.
    You never know, maybe just the thought of the S.G.A. on our side would make them back down. =]

    d3ath 1oMinG

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